Hospice & palliative care

Hospice and palliative care is a patient-centered approach focused on maintaining dignity, increasing quality of life, and providing comfort, including pain and symptom management. This specialized concept of providing comfort and care is offered to patients in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals or their own home . . . anywhere that is most comfortable and appropriate. Rather than "curative care," where caregivers and physicians focus on curing a person facing a life limiting illness, hospice offers "palliative or  

comfort care," where the patient, family, or loved ones have decided that quality of life, for whatever time remains, is the primary focus. Palliative care concentrates on managing pain and controlling symptoms for the patient and providing emotional and spiritual guidance for all affected. At the heart of hospice is the belief that every person has the right to pass pain free and with dignity, and that families of hospice patients need care and support as well.


4 Levels of Hospice Care

Dallas Hospice Routine Care
Dallas Hospice Continuous Care
Dallas Hospice Respite Care
Dallas Hospice In-Patient Care


Routine Care is the most common level of hospice care provided in the patient's place of residence (i.e. home, skilled nursing facility, assisted living, etc.) It includes full staff support (nurses, aides, medical social services, spiritual support, volunteer visits, bereavement counseling) as well as all medical equipment and supplies. We are able to manage your loved ones plan of care from their choice of residence.


General In-Patient Care is recommended when a patient is experiencing severe short-term symptoms that cannot be safely or adequately be treated in their respective residential setting. A Registered Nurse is available 24 hours a day to administer medications, manage symptoms, and provide any other needed care. The goal is to make the patient comfortable enough to return home under the routine level of care.


Continuous Home Care is provided during periods of medical crisis when a patient is experiencing symptoms unmanageable through routine care. This kind of care is the highest level of residential care received. A Registered Nurse will stay in your loved one's home up to 24 hours a day while attempting to achieve palliation or a manageable level of medical symptoms.


Respite Care is provided to give a caregiver a break. When your loved one is receiving our services in the home setting, often times the caregiver may need a break from routine care. We have the ability to set up a respite stay for your loved one at the facility of your choosing, providing all necessary equipment and supplies for up to 5 days.